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April 10th – Variety is the Spice of Life

Today’s Kona Cotton color of the day is Spice. Brown, earthy with a tinge of red to it. Well, if variety is the spice of life, then you can never go wrong with a VARIETY of Kona Cotton Solid colors. With SO many colors to choose from, you will surely find that ONE (or TEN) color(s) to blend with that hard to match fabric from your stash!

My husband, Handsome, loves spicy food, as do three of my children. I’m almost convinced that eating so much spicy food has permanently damaged their taste buds. When I make them something spicy that I am sure they are gonna like, because it’s surely too hot for me, their typical response is, “I thought you said this was spicy.” Well, YES, Romeo, it IS – for NORMAL people! I used to love spicy food when I was younger, but I think somewhere along the line, after birthing 6 children and the bucket-load of heartburn that goes along with that, I have lost a love of all things spicy. Now don’t get me wrong, I love flavorful food; it should NEVER be bland, but yeah, I don’t like burning my tongue off. Too spicy a food makes it hard to taste, eat or enjoy. But I digress.

Handsome, also tends to tell bad dad jokes and puns galore. I’ve basically stopped reacting for the most part, but the eye-rolling when he does this will NEVER go away. He’s actually said to me, “You’re not laughing. Why? It’s funny.” To which my response is always, “Yes, my love, but it is a defacto requirement that if I’ve heard it more than 15 times, I will not laugh.” I have to give him credit though, he has the ability to defuse tense situations with his sense of humor and it’s one of the things I love about him. I don’t have that. I am what most would call “accidentally funny.” I’m like a walking sitcom half the time. I don’t try to be funny because when I do, it usually comes out really wrong, or perverse. But when I’m not trying, that’s when the funny things really happen.

So as an Ode to Handsome, I looked up some lines that I thought would work for this Kona color – spice. So here are a few from Kidadl.com and punstoppable.com

  • My favorite spice girls are SaltNPepa.
  • What is the favorite spice in hell? Sinna man
  • What did the police charge the spice rack with? A salt
  • A monk’s favorite spice is carda-mohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  • Spice, spice baby
  • What did the haunted spice rack say when December rolled around? Season’s greetings!

Ok, ok. I’ll stop. I’m sorry, but it’s herb-itual. Quilting, though, that’s another matter altogether! I’ll share with you a free pattern from Anita Grossman Solomon for Robert Kaufman called Splish Splash (you can find it here on our website). It features the Kona Color of the Year 2019 – Splash, but it also showcases Kona Spice. Kona’s colors of the year are offered in limited quantities, so if you have a hard time finding splash for this quilt, you can substitute Kona pool. It was hard to find a pattern that had spice in it, there aren’t that many. I need to design a quilt for this less often used, lonely color. Challenge accepted! In the meantime, let your eyes feast on this really fun, beautiful quilt! Don’t forget to pick up your Kona Cotton on our website and SPICE up your day – 15% off today only!

Splish Splash by Anita Grossman Solomon for Robert Kaufman featuring 2019 Kona Color of the Year – Splash and Kona Cotton Spice

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