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April 18th – I Said Gecko… not Geico!

Today’s Kona Cotton color of the day is Gecko. A reptilian green that can’t go wrong. Well, unless a door is involved. If you don’t like geckos, any reptiles, lizards or gross stories, then just stop reading here and go over to our website and get your Gecko Kona Cotton today and a crisis will be averted. By the way, you can get this fabric at 15% off today. Now on to the gross story for those that just can’t avoid the curiosity of it all.

I grew up in the country, so reptiles like snakes and lizards were always around. We had small lizards, but not really that many geckos, and lots and lots of snakes, much to my mother’s dismay. She hated snakes with a passionate fear that went back to an incident with her grandfather at the age of 4. Let’s just say that after that age there was a lifelong loathing and fear of snakes for her. Not really for me though. I’m not afraid of snakes (unless they are REALLY big), but have a healthy respect for them and am okay if they keep their distance. Geckos are different though (and not just because they made it look cute for the Geico commercials). I like them, they are fun to watch. My son-in-law has been teaching my granddaughters about reptiles and lizards and things so that they can respect nature, but not to be fearful of it.

See what I mean? No fear.

Now for what happened to me about a couple of years ago. Spring and summertime is when the geckos come out fully around our area. We will see them on the window screens and generally just hanging out to get their favorite food – mosquitos and gnats. I’m A-OK with that. Mosquitos are a modern day menace in my opinion. Anyway, late one evening, my son was at home and he opened the door to go to our mailbox by the street to bring in the mail. I was standing in the doorway, with the door open, oblivious to all except talking to my son as he was walking to the mailbox. But then I decided I needed to shut the door because I didn’t want all the bugs coming inside. And THAT is where I went wrong. I apparently was not aware that there were Geckos near the top of the door. I shut the door and felt something heavy drop on my hat on my head and then on my arm. It freaked me out. YES, I DID scream like a little girl. I was doing the screaming freak dance. My son comes running back to the door when he hears me screaming. Apparently a fat gecko was between the door and the frame and was trying to get inside. That was… until I went to close the door. The door chopped that sucker in half. The front half dropped on me and the rest was on the floor. Needless to say, I was thoroughly grossed out. My son cleaned it up for me and then in true humorous fashion chastised me for killing one of God’s innocent creatures. I wanted to throw something at him. Maybe a Gecko. Maybe not. It was a buzzkill that lasted for the rest of the night and into the next day.

My son still talks about the day I went on a “gecko killing spree”. I keep telling him that if he continues to bring it up, I will never make him cookies, cakes or pie… EVER again. Silence. See? He knows better. Gross Gecko story over. Now I need to calm myself from the heebie-jeebies and go make a quilt.

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