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April 20th – Tweet Tweet Little Birdie – I’ll Save You!

Today’s Kona Cotton color of the day is Robin Egg.

So, I really kind of missed the boat today. It happened. Some days, it JUST does. I had a productive day. I was really getting things done, but sometimes there is a mountain behind everything in front and it just got away from me.

Today’s Robin Egg color is perfect because my good friend, pattern tester, pattern writer, sampler maker, and my fabulously fun Girl Friday, Diane, put together a quilt that was a featured free pattern for fabric manufacturer Robert Kaufman’s Kona Cotton color of the year, Horizon. But here’s the fun part for today. It also featured Robin egg in this pattern. How cool is that? Don’t have a clue what I’m talking about? Well, just take a look!

Fine China by Darlene Zimmerman for Robert Kaufman

See that light blue color in this quilt? That’s Robin Egg! Isn’t it grand?!

Speaking of Robin’s Eggs…have you ever had an interesting brush with nature? Did I tell you about the time that I caught a bird with my bare hands saving it from the pounce of a feline and certain death? I was a kid, in the country, naturally. We had a dirt and gravel driveway. Don’t worry, we HAD indoor plumbing… although Handsome likes to joke that maybe I didn’t and being raised in a barn was a likely possibility. Yes, I often sling it back. Anyway…we always had animals growing up out there; cats, dogs and at one point in time, fish. I used to love being outside playing in the grass, climbing trees, running through our neighbors cornfields (don’t do that you’ll get in trouble. Ask me how I know.), and playing in the woods behind our house. One summer day, I happened to be sitting out on the back porch, bored because my brother didn’t want to play with me. I must’ve been the ripe old age of 6 or 7. I happened to watch our cat crouch low and slowly slink across a portion of the driveway going towards the grass. I didn’t know what exactly she was doing so I started to follow her. A sparrow had landed on the driveway, maybe 8-12 ft away with it’s back to us oblivious of what was behind it. Well, apparently our cat, Lucy, was so focused on her prey that she didn’t realize that I was quickly coming up behind her hoping to save the little birdie from her gaping jaws of death. I thought for sure I’d scare Lucy coming up so quickly behind or at least the bird would get spooked and fly away. Nope. Never happened. I came up so fast and I snatched that little bird up in my hands right before the cat was about to pounce! I was so shocked that I had actually been able to catch the bird that I threw up my hands to release the bird into the air and it flew away. Did it even know how close it had been to CATastrophe? Probably not. But I was amazed about the awesomeness of nature when I was a child. One of my favorite shows was The Wonderful World of Jacques Cousteau. The others were Star Trek (the original) and Disney, but that’s neither here nor there.

Tell us if you’ve ever had an amazing encounter with nature! We’d love to hear it! And I feel bad that I have gotten this blog post out so late; so to make up for it, I’m extending today’s 15% sale on Robin Egg Kona Cotton into tomorrow for you. You’re welcome!

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