Fabric, Kona Cottons

April 21st – Wisteria- A State of Wisteria

Toda’s Kona color of the day is Wisteria. I love the look of wisteria and have always always wanted to have an arbor or a pergola in the back yard to plant some on. Right now, living in an apartment, I do not have the luxury of growing wisteria. But sometime in the future I hope to be able to plant this and have it grow, sprawling over everything in its path. I can see myself sitting under it, sipping lemonade in the cool shade, and maybe even working on a quilting project.

In the meantime I will just have to sit back and enjoy Kona’s Wisteria. It is a medium purple color that is gorgeous when paired with other shades of purples as well as pinks, teals, and blues.

Chevron Stars designed by Robert Kaufman

Let us know what you will make with Kona Wisteria.

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