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April 22nd – And the Bears Have It 1986

Today’s Kona Cotton color of the day is Grizzly. I like this color. A lot. It’s a deep, mellow brown that I think would work really well with some softer pinks and especially some teal colors. My daughter has a dark brown couch set in her living room, but it was paired with a more blue/silver TEAL color that just really brings out the depth of the brown. That may work here with this brown, although I believe this shade has more greenish undertones. So a teal more on the green side would likely work.

Now on to 1986. The year the Chicago Bears won the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots, a hard team to beat and I believe they were the favorites. But, the Bears won it and I was happy because that was the team I was rooting for. And it was also the one and ONLY super bowl game my husband and I ever watched together since getting married 4 years prior. Yep. In the 38 years we’ve been married we’ve only ever watched ONE super bowl. I know. You must be thinking how that’s even possible. Well, it is.

So prior to Super Bowl XX, my husband and I worked a little and then had two children, so we were busy (as most young people) and watching football games wasn’t a high priority. But that particular year my husband was determined that we were going to get in a Super Bowl game and watch it together and have fun. You have to understand, we aren’t really big sports fans to begin with. My mother and brother were the sports fanatics in our family, with baseball (primarily) and football. I was always more interested in creative pursuits, with exception of gymnastics and/or ice skating. Those I would watch, especially if it was through ABCs Wide World of Sports (“…The thrill of victory… the agony of defeat…”).

So we watched the super bowl. And we had fun all the way up to halftime. And then it happened. My poor, tired Handsome fell asleep just after the third quarter started and I watched the rest of the game (and the subsequent win) by myself. I teased him about it because HE was the one who made such a BIG deal about watching the game. He was the one who convinced ME to watch when I wasn’t initially interested. And then HE was the one that fell asleep. It was a date gone wrong.

Needless to say, we’ve never watched another one after that and Handsome hasn’t even suggested it. Don’t worry, Handsome made it up to me by getting my parents to watch the kids and taking me out for a really nice steak dinner the weekend after that. He was SO totally forgiven.

So MEN if you want to make some mishap up to your wife, buy her some fabric (LOTS of fabric). You can start with grizzly and round it out with a few teals to make her happy. A quilter can NEVER have enough fabric in her stash. And where the term “stash” takes on a whole new meaning. Oh it’s an addiction alright, but one we can live with!

How about putting some pinks, teals and grizzly in the quilt below?

North and South by Nichole Ramirez for Robert Kaufman

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