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April 23rd – Yummy Salmon – The Food AND The Color!

Today’s Kona Cotton color of the day is Salmon. Salmon is that not quite pink, but not quite peach color. It’s like it can’t make up its mind, but that doesn’t stop it from being a phenomenal color to play with!

So, true story. I never had Salmon until I was over the age of 30. I’d eaten tuna on occasion when I was a kid in sandwiches and I don’t think fishsticks really technically qualifies as “fish” or real food. I’d eaten Sole, fried in a batter, at a local seafood fast food place, but that was also a rare occurrence. Fish is expensive. Salmon is expensive. But I have to say of all my favorite fish foods, that is my all time favorite. And I LOVE Salmon cakes when they are done to perfection. Like this salmon cakes recipe by Chef John on Allrecipes.com. Oh you are very welcome. You’ll love it.

So like I said, my parents loved seafood, but we didn’t eat it much as a kid because it was too expensive to buy. So I didn’t really grow up knowing much about seafood, eating it or even liking it. Don’t expect me to go to a seafood market because I can’t seem to handle the fishy-fishy smell. I’m learning to like seafood well prepared, but its just not my “go-to” food. I am unlikely to ever pick that first on a menu and don’t get me started on sushi. Just no. Uh-uh! I’d rather NOT.

But the salmon fabric? YES! Let’s DO! Try this on for size!

Salmon Ridge by Kathleen Reynolds for Sew Charming Quilts

Go try the salmon recipe and then enjoy the Salmon you put in you quilt projects! You can’t go wrong!

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