April 25th – Eucalyptus

Today’s Kona color of the day is Eucalyptus.

When I think of Eucalyptus I think of koala bears. I love koala bears. In fact I used to collect them in all shapes and forms and had quite a collection. My favorite koala bear was one that clipped onto a pencil. Somehow you would squeeze its back and the arms would open up and it would grab onto the pencil. I played with that thing for hours and it never lost its ability to clip onto anything that I wanted it too.

Here are some fun facts about koalas from National Geographic Kids. Koalas are found in the eucalyptus forests of Eastern Australia. They are not actually bears, they are marsupials. A baby koala is called a Joey and grows and develops in its mother’s pouch. Once they are strong enough they ride around on their mother’s back. Koalas are big eaters and can eat up to two pounds of eucalyptus in a day. Eucalyptus leaves are super tough and poisonous, but koalas are able to digest them safely. Koals can sleep up to 18 hours a day

Our Kona cotton Eucalyptus is not poisonous and will not leave you feeling sleepy. It is a soft, dreamy light green. It would pair well with softer colors as well as bright colors.

Diamond Transparency for Robert Kaufman

Let us know if you collected anything as a child or what is on your cutting table for the week.

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