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May 3 – Indigo- Feeling Blue

Today’s Kona color of the day is Indigo. Indigo is that perfect shade between blue and violet. Remember Roy G. Biv from school.

I am an avid reader. My earliest recollections of reading began in 1st grade and my teacher Mrs. Stottler printed the words for the week on cards. We would sit in small groups practicing those words and when we thought we could read them, we took them up to her to read. My love of reading continued through grade school and my 5th grade teacher Mr. Carter challenged me to read books that were definitely above my grade level. However to this day I have still not been able to finish Watership Down, which was one of the books he introduced me to.

When I was in high school if you lived in town you were not bussed to school and you had to walk or drive. I grew up in a town of 2,700 people and walked 1.7 miles to school every day. You could usually find me walking and reading at the same time. I’m not sure how I ever made it to school without tripping and falling on my face or being late.

My reading for pleasure took a hiatus in college and when my kids were little. I just didn’t have the time or energy. Once my kids were a little bit older the library became a home away from home and I began reading again. When tablets and e-readers became popular I refused for the longest time because I wanted the feel of a book in my hands. I have since then given in and have a tablet that holds hundreds of books to read and they are all available at my fingertips. I also listen to books while I am sewing and walking and that way I still get my reading fix and I am productive at the same time.

Today’s Kona color Indigo reminds me of my latest read The Indigo Girl by Natasha Boyd. It is a story of a sixteen year old girl who is left in charge of her father’s plantation while he goes off to pursue his military ambitions. The story takes place in rural South Carolina in 1739. In order to try and make the plantation profitable Eliza wants to grow indigo and produce indigo dye to sell. It is a story with romance, forbidden friendships, and political and financial threats. I enjoyed finding out more about the process of how indigo dye is made.

I hope you enjoy today’s color. The pattern below incorporates so many wonderful shades of blue, which you can find on our website HERE. The designer is Valori Wells from Sisters, Oregon, so it is no wonder why I chose this quilt.

Dusk til Dawn designed by Valorie Wells

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