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May 31st – I Sailed a Nautical Mile to Get This Fabric

Photo by Pixaby

Today’s Kona Cotton color of the day is Nautical. Nautical is a deep, dark navy blue and makes me think of everything maritime.

My dad was in the Navy. He joined when he was technically too young and he was a seaman third class. All that he really had left from those days was a photo of himself in his navy uniform sporting his ducktail hairstyle and a photo of the ship that he served on. But what he adored was when my mother would dress me in those dark navy blue and white (with a bit of red) girly nautical dresses. I think I owned at least 5 of them from the age of 2 – 6. Dad loved going out on the lake in our boat to fish.

It’s hard for me to not think of maritime things when I see those colors together. And of course, just for your edification because I used to teach, a nautical mile is a unit of length used in air, marine and space navigation, and for the definition of territorial waters (according to wikipedia.org). Of course other dictionaries define nautical as relating to ships, sailing and navigation on the water. So when we navigate our quilting…. is it similar? Maybe we should create our own word for quilting navigation – quilautical. There you go. That’s a new word – I just made it up for you and is defined as relating to quilting form, steps and navigation of a quilt project from start to finish.

But just so we don’t lose track of our very gorgeous color here, let’s try this color on, shall we?

Mojave by Ariga Mahmoudlou for Robert Kaufman

You cannot go wrong with something as beautiful as this. This quilt measures approximately 54 by 72 and is the perfect size throw to place on a bed or over a sofa for a snuggly good time. Wanna create this quilt? Call us or email us and we will kit it for you – www.sewcharmingquilts.com.

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