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June 5th- Southern Mint Julep

Photo by Pixaby

Today’s Kona Cotton color of the day is Mint.

Mint is that light soft green that keeps you begging for more. Mint, the plant, is a perennial herb with a fragrant, toothed leaf. You can always tell a member of the mint family based on it’s square stem. But the plant is practically foolproof to grow, thriving in sun or shade all over the U.S. (according to the farmers almanac).

The mint julep is an alcoholic cocktail with a bourbon base that is best known as the signature drink of the Kentucky derby and is associated with the south and southern cuisine. I personally have never had one myself, but I like mint, so I’d probably never say no to one. Although, I’d never turn down a good bourbon either. I promise, I’m not a lush; I just have an appreciation for good bourbon and fabulous whiskeys. Truthfully, the most I actually drink is maybe a glass of wine once a week. I think I’d like it too much, so I have convinced my brain that it is off limits. And with all the quilting that I’ve got going on….. I just don’t have the time. That can be a benefit.

So to honor mint…. the color, not the drink….. let’s check out the quilt below.

Mint Julep by Kathleen Reynolds for Sew Charming Quilts

Put it with a dark background and a speckling of other bright colors and you have the makings of one FINE minty quilt.

Tell us what project you will use for Mint in the comments below!

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