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June 27th – I Love Quilting A Latte

Today’s Kona Cotton color of the day is Latte.

I first started quilting more than 35 years ago. My oldest child was a toddler and my second child was still an infant. My grandmother had passed away and I got her 1954 Singer sewing machine (in the original cabinet). I didn’t know much about sewing, but I was definitely interested. I had been watching some quilting shows on PBS. And then I started quilting, little things at first, practice pieces really. But, I started out with Y-seams, because that was what they were showing in these shows on PBS. So I learned the “hard-way”, so to speak, before I even knew that Y seams were supposed to be hard. Honestly they aren’t that hard, but it still freaks people out anyway, kind of like mitered seams.

But let’s take a look at the quilt below. Quilts don’t have to have traditional blocks. Pieced strips can be just as awesome! We’d love to know what’s on your cutting mat today and what quilt pics you’d like to share!

Arroyo by Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Feel free to get some fabric on our website. Get a little… or a latte right here!

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