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July 16th – Brown

Photo by Pixaby

Today’s Kona Cotton color of the day is Brown. This brown is a deep, dark color. This brown also pairs very well, with a red/brown/purple color and also a teal or steel blue.

I actually have a carpenter star project that I need to get working on for my daughter. I’ve only been promising a quilt for nearly two years. I took the inspiration from their living room. Their couches are a very dark brown (lovely) with accent pillows of brown and teal. I loved the color combination so much that I made a project design for it. Now I just need to get into the swing and DO IT. It will all come along in time, I’m sure!

But just for fun… here is a carpenter star project just for you! Have fun!

Southwest Star by Kathleen Reynolds for Sew Charming Quilts

What’s on your cutting table today?

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