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July 25th- Tan- I Don’t Tan, I Burn

Photo by Pixaby

Today’s Kona cotton color of the day is Tan.

Kathleen and I were at the quilt studio today for our monthly sit and sew and we were discussing our Kona cotton color of the day posts. She thought today was her day to post and that I was on for tomorrow, but it just so happens that I looked and it was my day. She asked me if I was going to write about how I don’t tan, I just burn. I am fair haired and fair skinned and as a teenager I was very jealous of my friends who always had a deep golden tan by the end of the summer. I also shouldn’t confess that I would slather on the baby oil and lay on a reflective silver blanket to try and achieve that golden look that I so coveted.

Anyway, tan. I have been playing the Wicked soundtrack in the car on my way to work and all I can think of is when Elphaba is writing home and describes her roommate as blonde. Again, tan. I really can’t think of how to get excited about this color. It may be a great color, as it is a light brown neutral color that works with a lot of the other neutral colors, but it is not a color I have used a lot of in my quilts. I guess I will have to change my way of thinking, because I really do like the subtle shades of the neutral pallette in the Neutral Courthouse Steps quilt below.

Neutral Courthous Steps designed by Initial K Studios

What is on your cutting table today? Let us know if there is a color that you are having trouble getting excited about, and just maybe we can come up with a bundle of colors that play well together and incorporate a certain color.

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