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July 26th – Honey

Photo by Pixaby

Today’s Kona Cotton color of the day is Honey.

I think this color is a lighter more mid-tone brown-beige and wouldn’t necessarily consider it honey-colored. But raw and unfiltered honey is a much darker color resembling a deeper brown. The honey that we see as golden has often been refined and filtered several times.

Raw, unfiltered honey is full of plant nutrients that act as antioxidants. Pasteurized honey heats it to high temperatures to make it easier for bottling but can destroy the vitamins and enzymes naturally found in it. This is why raw unpasteurized honey is the best. Well, at least it is, in my opinion.

And just so you know, if your honey has crystallized, that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Don’t throw it out. It’s perfectly good (no expiration date). To get it to liquefy again, just put the jar in very warm water for about an hour. Those crystallized portions will melt to liquid honey again and be pourable. Just make sure the honey hasn’t heated too much or become too warm before eating.

And you shouldn’t give a child under the age of 12 months honey because of this information. It’s always best to follow your pediatrician’s recommendations regarding infants/children and honey.

But I guess we should be talking about fabric honey… Kona Cotton Honey to be precise!

This quilt is a free pattern through the Robert Kaufman website and was designed by Elise Lea for Robert Kaufman. This quilt is awesome coming into the fall with great fall colors, such as Brick, Honey, Chocolate, Biscuit, Paprika, Leather, Otter and many more.

Harvest by Elise Lea for Robert Kaufman

You can get Kona Cotton Honey on our website for 15% off today! And if you are daring…. we can kit this quilt for you to make for your own autumn harvest!

What’s on your cutting table today?

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