Fabric, Kona Cottons

July 27th- Cream- It’s the Cream of the Crop

Photo by Pixaby

Today’s Kona cotton color of the day is cream.

Cream is a staple in my household. I should probably not admit this, but I go through at least a quart of cream a week. I suppose you are wondering how I use so much cream because I do not drink coffee, although lately I have been known to order a cold brew with cream, caramel syrup, and very light ice. My drink of choice is English Breakfast tea. I am a tea snob. While I’m sure there is nothing wrong with most of the brands out there, I prefer that my tea comes from Murchie’s in Canada. I usually order four pounds of loose tea every three to four months. I tend to consume a lot of tea during the day. I also drink my tea with a liberal splash of cream, which is why I use so much of it on a daily basis. I also do not tend to buy milk, but use cream for the base of soups, mashed potatoes, and anything else requiring milk.

Today’s Kona color is a soft creamy pale yellow color that would work well with as a background fabric. It would work well with dark rich colors as well as softer paler colors. You can pick up some cream HERE and enjoy 15% off today.

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