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September 9th- Bison

Photo by Pixaby

Today’s Kona cotton color of the day is Bison.

So about a year ago I went to visit my son and his girlfriend in St. Louis, Mo. Being the good son that he is he took me to a couple of local quilts shops. At first they were both going to sit in the car and wait for me, but they decided to venture into the shop with me and wander around while I did my thing. It just so happened that they found a panel with the National Parks of Yellowstone, there were four in all showing different pictures of the park. My son asked me if I could make them four wallhangings out of the panels. I agreed to this immediately and they both started picking out some coordinating fabrics. When we got home his girlfriend and I went through Pintrest and Instagram to look for some inspiration. We settled on a design and had a plan in place, so I took the panels home and made them. I finished them up and sent them out to them. After a few days I had not heard anything from them about receiving them so I gave them a call. No they had not arrived yet. That was strange and then I realized that I had sent them to their old address and somehow had thrown away my receipt with the tracking number. My son went to his old apartment but no one had seen the package. Unfortunately it was never returned to them or me and I felt terrible. My sons girlfriend managed to track down another set of panels and she mailed them off to me so that I could remake them. This time I hand delivered them to ensure that they were safely received.

After I delivered them Nicole told me that she follows Nicholas Holman on Instagram @nicholasholmanart and he was traveling this summer doing a Roadtrip Residency for six weeks and she purchased one of his painting days. She did not know until she was notified by him that he had been in Yellowstone and painted her a picture of a bison. It is my understanding that you could buy a day from him and where ever he was that day he would do a painting. I think it is so cool that she now has a quilt and a painting that match.

National Parks Quilts by Diane Martin

Quilt by Diane Martin and painting by Nicholas Holman
Painting by Nicholas Holman 06.01.2021

Bison is today’s color and it is a medium brown. It is not too light and not too dark, but falls in the middle shade of brown. I would use it as an accent color as it is probably a little too dark as a background color.

Let us know what is on your cutting table today.

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