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October 8th- Prussian

Photo by Pixaby

Today’s Kona cotton color of the day is Prussian.

I am reminded of Bob Ross when I think of the color Prussian. Growing up I lived in a small town that was not very close to any major cities, so television was limited to four stations. We had ABC, CBS, NBC, and Channel 47, which was the local public station. After Saturday morning cartoon there was not a whole lot on in the afternoons, but I do remember watching Bob Ross. He would start the show by filling up his palette with all of the different colors that he was going to use. Prussian Blue, Cadmium Yellow, Titanium White, you get the picture if you have ever watched him. Then he would paint a masterpiece in 30 minutes. I was always fascinated that by the end of the program he would have a completed painting. Now if only quilting could be completed as fast as Bob Ross.

I know that we have featured this quilt Gradient Stars recently, but it is my tribute to Bob Ross. It is not “Happy Little Trees”, but I can just hear him saying, “Gradient Stars” while painting a night sky. It features today’s color Prussian along with other shades of blue and Iron. Prussian is a dark blue that is just a little bit lighter than navy, but just a bit darker than royal.

Gradient Stars by Elise Lea

Let us know if we can kit this quilt for you. You can enjoy Prussian for 15% off HERE. What is on your cutting table today?

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