October 17th Camellia – Have I Got A Quilt For YOU!

HaPhoto by Pixaby

Today’s Kona Cotton color of the day is Camellia. Camellia is a medium to dark pink on the Ooo La La scale!

Camellia’s are flowers. They can be red, bright pink, medium pink, light pink, all white or a mixture of pink and white. They are commonly found in eastern and southern Asia. You may or may not know that most flowers and colors of flowers were used to symbolize feelings or emotions about people hundreds of years ago. For example: red camellia’s symbolized love, passion and deep desire; pink camellia’s symbolized a longing for someone and/or given to someone who is missed. Camellia’s in general symbolized love, affection and admiration. Other flowers also have their symbolism.

  • Apple blossom = preference
  • Begonia = beware
  • Black-eyed Susan = justice
  • Bluebell = humility
  • White Camellia = you’re adorable
  • Red Carnation – alas, my poor heart aches
  • White Carnation = innocence, pure love, women’s good luck gift
  • Pink Carnation = I’ll never forget you
  • Striped Carnation = refusal
  • Yellow Carnation = Disdain, disappointment, rejection
  • Daffodil = Regard, unequalled love
  • Daisy = Innocence, loyal love, I’ll never tell
  • Lilac = Joy of youth
  • Red Rose = I love you
  • Dark Crimson Rose = Mourning
  • Pink Rose = Happiness
  • White Rose = Innocence, heavenly, I’m worthy of you
  • Yellow Rose = Jealousy, decrease of love, infidelity
  • Snapdragon = Deception, graciousness
  • Violet = Watchfulness, Modesty, Faithfulness

It seems as if we’ve gotten away from declaring our hidden feelings with objects like flowers in our haste to social media, where EVERYONE speaks their mind so fully. I kind of like some of the old fashioned ways and their subtlety.

But the next quilt is not subtle or hidden. Weirdly, I’ve fallen in love with this one! It’s so gorgeous!

Joseph’s Coat by Darlene Zimmerman for Robert Kaufman

This quilt features Camellia, Thistle, Aloe, Tomato and Mango, amongst others. You can get Camellia on our website for 15% off today only! Let us know if we can kit this quilt for you!

What’s on your cutting table this week?

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