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October 26th – Foxglove – Fits Like A Glove

Photo by Pixaby

Today’s Kona color of the day is Foxglove.

Foxglove is a stunning flower with tubular blossoms that have speckled throats. The plant creates a dramatic effect with its tall spires of flowers. The quilt below kind of reminds me of the flowers in a sort of abstract way. I also like the quilting. I do not know if it really comes through in the picture but the designer uses straight line quilting to define the pattern. I have not tried this technique to this extent yet, but I do have a quilt in mind that I would like to try it on.

Today’s color is a soft mauve pink. It works well with lots of different colors as you can see.

Aura by Nydia Kehnle

Let us know what is on your cutting table today.

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