Fabric, Kona Cottons

November 1st – Niagra, Not Niagara

Photo by Pixaby

Today’s Kona cotton color of the day is Niagra.

I’m sure that like many of you I have a bucket list. My husband and I have been discussing what our plans for retirement are. Even though it is still a few years away we are starting to talk about what we would like to do. Some of those plans include travel. My husband is a science geek and loves a good museum. It is a family joke that we always visit at least one museum when we take a vacation. One year he told us we were going to City Museum in St. Louis. This was before the internet so we had no idea of what to expect. I remember thinking just get through the day and then we can do something fun, like go to the Arch. We parked the car and started walking up to the entrance and the first thing my kids see is the plane on the roof. They are now really excited. If you have never been to City Museum it is one of the coolest places to visit.

Niagara Falls also happens to be on my bucket list of places to visit. I have been to New York City for a very short trip, and I have made it as far east as Pittsburg, PA so the east coast is definitely an area of the country that I would like to explore.

Since retirement is still a ways away I will have to make do with today’s color Niagra to satisfy my bucket list. It is a medium blue that is actually a bit lighter than a medium blue. If you look at the Star Gazer palette that Robert Kaufmann has to offer it is actually the 2nd lightest color in that precut bundle. If you are looking for a range of blues this certainly fits the bill. Let us know is we can curate a custom bundle for you today.

What is on your cutting table today?

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