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November 16th – Limestone

Photo by Pixaby

Today’s Kona cotton color of the day is Limestone.

You will have to forgive me today, my brain is in a fog . I have just returned home from a trip to the midwest to visit family for a long weekend and I am experiencing a little bit of jet lag even though there was no time change and it was only an hour and a half flight. When you stay up late and get up early to spend as much time as you can visiting it’s like you almost need a vacation from your vacation to rest and catch up.

Today’s quilt is very restful for me. It features neutrals in a pleasing color palette. Today’s color Limestone is a light green. It reminds me of pea soup, but not in a yucky way. It really is a pretty color and it is one that I would definitely use when I am quilting. While I was away for my trip my son took me to one quilt shop. While I loved all of the quilts that were displayed, some of them were very colorful and busy. Silver Morning Flight could also be made with fun prints to make it more bold and playful. You decide. We can certainly kit this quilt for you.

Silver Morning Flight by Elise Lea

Let us know what is on your cutting table today.

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